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"Every person is unique. The voice, the mind, the background, and the dreams. Write poetry, make some sketches in your albums, play, and dance. Live your life your own way!"

It seems that this was the leitmotif of OllaBelle's work.

Performers' stories are rooted in their childhood, spent in a musical family, watching their famous parents and having dreams of devoting themselves to singing. However, our heroine has written her own script.

"I was confident in my abilities and capabilities and did not allow myself to think that dreams would not come true. At some point, the dream became a goal and aspiration, and then it turned into action. Daily vocal classes with a teacher, as well as professional and extreme sports strengthened the mindset. I knew that I should wait for my time to come and was convinced that it would come very shortly."

Even the most daring plans of confident people tend to come true

"I am a very sociable person and have always been proud of having friends in almost every part of the world! Once talking with a friend of mine - a composer from the US - I decided that it was necessary for me to start growing. I sent my records to the university and received an invitation to an audition. Having successfully graduated from Los Angeles Musicians Institute, I got into the epicenter of musical events. And they covered me like a tsunami."

The singer moves to Monaco, the capital of luxury with an incredible Sun. From now on, this was the guiding star for our heroine. In France, Olga creates her brand OllaBelle, and the group starts regular rehearsals as well as the recording of the debut album.

"Cote d'Azur has something which forces you to create," says the singer. "I’ve found my calling and felt that, finally, I am at home. The Principality of Monaco began to develop thanks to the incredible power and wisdom of Princess Grace. I'm sure: it was created for my guiding star to burn here as well."