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«Prana» is Out Now

Following up her debut single “Monte-Carlo”, Olla is releasing a new single “Prana” that  talks about the vital energy of love. 

The title comes from the yogic teaching and is translated from Sanskrit as “life force energy” or “breath of life”. “I feel my prana through love, which I believe is the greatest power on Earth. It is a healing, fulfilling and inspiring force that does conquer all”, says Olla.

The calming and meditative intro of the song prepares the listeners for relaxation and pleasure. Just like the energy of Prana, Olla’s all-consuming vocals envelope you and soak into your skin. 

There is an obvious romance in this song, which is meant to be so as this track is my anniversary present to my main supporter and the source of my inspiration”, Olla says. “

«Prana» is to be loved not just by hopelessly romantic people, but by those who felt love in the past, feel love now or are just about to discover what it is.   

Listen to the song and watch the music video here: