This aspiration to become a singer has been in the depths of my mind since childhood. As I grew older, I realized that singing transports me to an alternate realm. I knew that this is what I'm meant to do.

A Monaco-based rising star, Olla started singing as a kid at the age of 4. Born in a family of extreme sport lovers, Olla struggled to prove her interest in music as her true and serious passion. Yet she held on to her dream and, once coming of age, she started doing regular classes with a vocal coach and got into Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

Eventually Olla moved to Monaco where she felt like her “artistic image and singing style would nourish and be the most organic”.

In 2018 she became the “Mrs Universe France”. “I’ve never participated in beauty contests before. But this was definitely a very interesting experience. It did fulfil my artistic portrait in certain ways”, said Olla in her following interview to HelloMonaco magazine.

No matter the challenges on your way, never give up on your dreams and keep working hard to achieve your goals. With perseverance, the desired outcome will always come.

At the same time Olla started performing at multiple events in Monaco, including the Monaco Charity Film Festival, "Miss Cannes" in Parc du Cap, Butterfly Ball and many others.

Elegance and aesthetics of Olla’s artistic image and voice gathered a refined audience, who are true connoisseurs of beautiful and high quality music.

A warm reception from the Monegasque audience and Olla’s love for the country resulted in her debut single called “Monte-Carlo” (released in February 2023), which is a tribute to the sophistication and romance of the city.

Olla’s rule number 1 is to be exclusive and unique, especially in her music. Following that rule, Olla released her following singles the same year. Her song “Weightless” received a significant momentum, and was picked up by “Viral Hits” and “Hit Italiane” Spotify playlists. Olla is set to release more music that will not leave anyone indifferent.