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«Weightless» is Out Now

Olla’s new single «Weightless» is out and available in all digital stores!

Inspired by Italian disco music, “Weightless” is a very dynamic and groovy song that won’t leave you still. The perfect blend of a nostalgic sound with a modern touch once again takes us back to Olla’s rule No 1 — to be exclusive and unique in her music.


“I always wanted to try myself in the disco-pop genre. I believe that “Weightless” perfectly combines the energetic disco-party vibe with a meaningful message. It talks about the importance of appreciating the moment, living here and now, enjoying and valuing every second you have”, says Olla.

The song will be released along with a music video, which is an incredibly artistic and stylish visual piece. “ ”Weightless” music video is this type of video that makes you want to live what you see. It’s elegant, moody, provocative at times, and it is definitely something you’ll want to rewatch”, says Olla.


Listen to the song and watch the music video here: