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«Fly Away» is Out Now

Olla is releasing a captivating summer anthem “Fly Away”.


This sun-kissed and light-hearted disco-funk track serves as an invitation to escape the burdens of everyday life and embrace the carefree spirit of summer. 


“The idea of this song was to highlight the importance of living the moment. We often find ourselves trapped in the monotony of our problems and the endless cycle of daily routine. So I wanted to liberate my listeners and give them at least a 3 minute getaway”, says Olla.


Yet, “Fly Away” is not just an effortless capture of the joy. Delving beyond the surface, “Fly Away” delicately addresses the experience of falling in love and the topic of trust within relationships. “ ‘Fly Away’ celebrates this extraordinary feeling of love, when you can soar above life’s obstacles and embrace a new journey with your partner”, says Olla.


“Fly Away” is out now along with an enchanting music video that complements the song’s essence. “The video was filmed spontaneously, and it captured the moments of unscripted joy that I felt with my team. This impulsive approach allowed us to convey summer vibes in a very authentic and immersive way.”, says Olla. 


Listen to the song and watch the music video here.