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«Lonely Stars» is Out Now

Olla is releasing a new captivating summer single called “Lonely Stars”. The song showcases the artist’s fearless exploration into the Latin vibe, and conveys yet another meaningful message.


“I’ve always been enchanted by the emotionality and passion that emanate from Latin culture. Trying myself in this genre is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while”, says Olla. 


Blending classic instruments is a distinctive hallmark of Olla’s songs. “Lonely Stars” combines the best of traditional and modern elements. The sounds of the guitar, trumpet, percussions and flugelhorn are smoothly mixed with the contemporary dembow rhythm, making the song fresh and groovy.


While the Latin touch exudes a joy of summer, the song goes beyond surface-level entertainment. “Despite encountering challenging experiences, one can still believe in love, trust and commitment”, says Olla. “Life is unpredictable and no one is protected from negative experiences. I believe one needs to let go of the past. Finding a soulmate is hard, but it’s worth overcoming your fears”. The song lyrics emphasise that nothing and no one can predict or restrict the true power of love and destiny. 


As anticipation builds for the release of “Lonely Stars”, Olla invites fans and music lovers alike to experience a unique fusion of Latin vibes and meaningful storytelling.


Listen to «Lonely Stars» here.