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«Down In The Deep» is Out Now

Monaco’s music sensation, Olla, is poised to take her listeners on a deeply personal journey with her latest release, «Down in the Deep».


Olla has been actively releasing tracks that consistently conveyed messages of happiness, joy, gratitude, and spiritual stability. Her previous singles have gathered a loyal following among European listeners and earned her industry recognition. Her song «Weightless» found a place on Spotify’s most prominent editorial playlists, such as «Viral Hits» and «Hit Italiane». Additionally, her previous single, «Paradise», garnered attention from Billboard Italia magazine.


Now, Olla takes a bold step by opening up and releasing a ballad that provides a unique glimpse into a more intimate and vulnerable side of her life.


» ‘Down in the Deep’ explores the intricate labyrinth of human relationships. It delves into the uncertainty one feels when surrendering completely to another person. This song vividly portrays a love so immense that it blurs boundaries and challenges self-awareness. It captures a love that has the power to either elevate us to great heights or tear us down. I believe that many of us have experienced something similar, and I think that many people, especially women, will resonate with what I’m expressing. Love is the most profound of emotions, but it often comes with its own complexities» comments Olla.


This track is to showcase Olla’s versatility as an artist who can uplift with positive anthems and touch the soul with emotional ballads.


«Down in the Deep» will be released alongside a music video on the 17th of November.